Wellington North supports county opinion on Places to Grow

Coun­cillors here support Welling­ton County’s amendment on pro­vincial Places to Grow policies.

In reading council’s comment, Mayor Mike Broomhead said the county amendment is bring the county official plan into conformity to the Places to Grow legislation in regards to growth intensification.

“The township appreciates the effort which has gone into the analysis of the intensification opportunities and densities.”

However, he said Well­ing­ton North supports the county’s bid to have alternate targets for rural areas.

He said imposition of targets that include 40 people and 50 jobs per hectare, is un­achievable and unrealistic eith­er in the township or the county – without negatively affecting the character of the community.

Broomhead said the comment is relatively clear.

Councillor Dan Yake asked if the comments were simply heading back to the county.

Broomhead said they are.

He said even the county does not agree to all aspects of the Places to Grow legislation.

Broomhead said there are concerns not only from Well­ing­ton North, but all local municipalities.

“It particularly affects Minto, Mapleton, and ourselves. But it affects Erin in a different way again.”

He pointed out that Erin has high residential population, but a lot of houses are estate lots.

The motion carried.

“I think this will be an ongoing discussion for a while,” Broomhead said.