Wellington North sewage situation not so dire

Ap­parently the 2009 sewage capacity reports arrived at council prior to their discussion by the water and sewer committee.

As a result, information on those reports were published in the April 10 edition of the Wellington Advertiser and other local publications.

Councillor John Matusinec, who chairs the committee, said “It inadvertently got into council’s agenda ahead of time.”

He said Works Superinten­dent Gary William­son was on hand to answer any questions.

Mayor Mike Broomhead asked, “How did you think I made out in the paper, Gary? Did I do a bad job explaining it?”

“Not bad,” Williamson said.

During the previous meeting, Broomhead had stated that the reports of unallocated sew­age capacity in Arthur and Mount Forest could be considered misleading if one did not take into account that there are a number of residential devel­op­ments in the wings.

Those allocations also make up a large portion of the reserve capacity, which is not yet used.

Williamson said Arthur has committed to development of 173 units, which include various proposed projects such as Eastridge and the former Ar­thur Public School.

However, he also noted there are sewage allocations to cover infilling lots as well.

While the list shows only two uncommitted lots, Willi­am­son said there are actually 10, because eight are for infill lots. “It’s not as dire as it originally looked [on paper].”

Williamson added that in Mount Forest developments cover 67 committed units, but there are still 84 uncommitted hookups.

He said when the new sew­age treatment plant was built, the Ministry of Environment would allow only a specified sewage allocation, and the muni­cipality would have to prove the plant could handle a higher capacity. As a result, there is a pro­cess that must be gone through to show it can handle more effluent.