Township turns down abattoir proposal

Council has defeated a zoning amendment application for a lamb abattoir because it apparently is not an acceptable agriculture-related land use.

LeRoy Martin had proposed a 5,000 square foot abattoir on a 100 acre parcel on the south side of 8th Line that is currently vacant, other than a small machine shed, and used for farming.

But county planner Mark Van Patter said he made the recommendation to defeat the application after discussions with a land use planner at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

“I felt a bit uneasy about the application,” Van Patter said, which is why he contacted OMAFRA.

Councillor Mike Downey asked about the next step for the proposal, and Mayor John Green replied it is up to the applicant to come back to council with a different proposal, if he wishes.

Council had deferred the matter last month, calling the application “premature” due to missing information.

Van Patter said at the time his main concern is the compatibility with neighbouring land uses.