Township to sell surplus Glen Allan land

MAPLETON – The township here announced in a press release on Aug. 15 that it intends to sell surplus lands located at 15 Hill Street in Glen Allan.

Council considered the matter during a meeting in  January and directed staff to proceed with various preliminary steps.

The bylaw will declare the lands surplus and allow the mayor and clerk to execute all supporting documents pertaining to the sale of the lands.

Surplus funds found  in operating budget  variance report

According to a report to council on Aug. 13, township staff is projecting a possible year-end surplus of $140,053  based on its Operating Budget Variance Report.

The projection was made based on the township’s financial position as of June 30. Mayor Gregg Davidson called it a “very good report.” 

Canine control 

The township passed a bylaw on Aug. 13 to appoint Kally Foster as the new canine control officer. 

Industrial Park 

Council passed a bylaw to assume land on Concession 11 for public use as part of a public highway known as Drayton Industrial Drive.

“Which is fantastic for our businesses coming in. It gives them access and we now have to take control of that road so it’s very nice to see that coming forward,” said Davidson. 

Columbarium motion

Councillor Marlene Ottens gave a notice of motion to establish a columbarium at the Drayton Cemetery in 2020. In the township’s 2019 budget, it is scheduled for 2022 at $60,000.

“We’ve had this in the budget for quite a few years and the money is already there in the reserve so I don’t really see any reason to wait,” Ottens said. 

She added that previously she had been waiting for a cemetery site plan to raise the issue (it has since been completed). 

“It’s just an option that I know more people want and why not,” she said.

“If the money is there …  and the spot is there and there is really nothing else so I just feel like why are we waiting another three years for it – why not just do it next year?” 

Seniors residence plan moves ahead 

Council approved a bylaw to authorize the Mayor and Clerk to execute an amending site plan agreement between Village on the Ridge and the township.

This will allow the group to move ahead on a new seniors residential apartment building on Faith Drive in Drayton. 

 Currently the group is seeking approval for a land severance to develop new parcels for residential purposes.