Sunflower Tour raises over $10,000 for Canadian Cancer Society

MAPLETON – The  Shine Your Light Sunflower Tour held on the farm of Matt and Leona Ottens here on the weekend raised more than $10,000 to fight cancer.

The event, held Aug. 15 and 16, offered visitors an opportunity to walk through a field of sunflowers, support local vendors, and raise money to fight cancer.

A steady stream of visitors took in the event, which began Saturday morning after the Ottens family got together for Matt’s five-year post-cancer celebration.

Cancer fighters – Leona and Matt Ottens hosted a unique Canadian Cancer Society fundraiser in their 20-acre sunflower field in Mapleton on Aug. 15 and 17.

Matt and Leona opened up their 20-acre sunflower field for the tour   with time slots sold for $100 for up to 10 people and all proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society. Organizers report 105 timeslots were sold. The group is getting together next Monday to allow anyone else who would like to contribute time to do so.

During the weekend wagon loads of groups visited the field, where they could stroll through a path and take photos, then enjoy a handmade and homegrown vendors market, a petting zoo, and more.

Leona thanked her neighbours for supplying petting zoo animals.

“We just basically called everyone we knew who had a donkey or anything like that.”

Matt said the couple “just wanted to share,” the beautiful field view with others while helping the cancer society at the same time.

BELOW: A petting zoo was also part of the fun.