Skyline announces plans for Community Hub in Centre Wellington

GUELPH – Skyline Group of Companies (Skyline) announced that plans are well underway to unveil the company’s first shared community workspace, Skyline Community Hub in Fergus.

An Aug. 20 press release issued by Skyline states “With construction set to begin early September, Skyline plans to invest over $1 million in seed money in support of community service providers focused on the Centre Wellington Community.”

The vision for Skyline Community Hub is to create a space that builds a network of like-minded service providers that can work together with shared resources to enhance the community of Centre Wellington.

The Hub will open its doors to a variety of unique businesses and organizations that are connected by the common goal of building their community.

“Our core purpose at Skyline has always been shaped around community and family. With over 20 years in business, we have seen firsthand how community service hubs have helped our tenants,” stated R. Jason Ashdown, co-founder and COO of Skyline Group of Companies.

“We have always worked hard to give back to causes that are based around our tenants and the communities that we serve. The development of Skyline Community Hub is a chance for us to do some good and support future generations. In raising our families in the area, I can say that the Centre Wellington community has shaped who we are in both a personal and business sense.”

Centre Wellington Mayor, Kelly Linton adds, “It is wonderful to have a local company invest in our community in such a big way. Skyline Community Hub will be a place where our community can continue to grow, thrive, and support one another.”

Following a year of consulting and working with local community groups, Skyline has worked hard to help bring this concept to life. With the initial plans in place, construction is now underway to retrofit 13,000 square feet of former retail space, currently owned by Skyline Retail, a division of Skyline, to build Skyline Community Hub.

“Input from community service providers has been a crucial component since day one of the Skyline Community Hub,” expressed President of Skyline Retail, Gordon Driedger. “We are creating a unique shared resource space that suits the needs of a variety of different businesses and organizations yet is still tailored to each one’s specific needs. The reception has been amazing, and we have secured space for a couple of community organizations already.”

Part of Skyline’s mission in creating Skyline Community Hub is to build a space that offsets the high costs community organizations face when renting retail space. Through the generosity of Skyline, the Hub provides community organizations with subsidized rent in an effort to reduce their operating costs. The rent subsidy should allow these organizations to put more of the money they raise towards the services and programs that they offer to the community.

“What Skyline is doing to facilitate a community hub in Centre Wellington is a fantastic example of community stewardship,” commented Wellington- Halton Hills MP Michael Chong. “The cost of renting and building space to deliver community services is often the biggest burden for organizations. So, for Skyline to help develop this Hub will be a welcomed helping hand to service groups in this area.”

Skyline is excited to announce that one of the first official tenants of Skyline Community Hub will be Big Brothers Big Sisters of Centre Wellington. The organization will occupy approximately 2,200 square feet and will become their home for the youth of Centre Wellington.

“High-quality spaces like Skyline Community Hub are crucial to many organizations like ours,” said Kristen Drexler, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Centre Wellington.

“With limited funding available, many nonprofits struggle to find rental space at a price that doesn’t force them to compromise on their level of services. The Skyline Community Hub offers the opportunity to focus on investing more time and money into resources and services while opening the doors to more people in the community.”

The shared resource space looks to create a network of organizations offering a variety of unique services with the common goal of creating a brighter future for the entire community of Centre Wellington.

“We make a conscious effort to participate in many of the communities where we invest in and represent our investors,” commented Jason Castellan, co-founder, and CEO of Skyline Group of Companies. “We see Skyline Community Hub as something special to us personally because this is the community in which we live and participate in on a daily basis. Our intentions are not only to see the benefits of the Hub but to have it as something that we will be actively participating in with our families.”

Skyline is looking for other community-driven organizations, charity groups, and vested individuals that are interested in taking part in Skyline Community Hub. If you believe that your organization could benefit from the space, or would like to learn how you can help assist in funding Skyline Community Hub or sponsor prospective tenants, please contact then at