Sister city unaffected by western floods

It looks like more than one Minto worries about flooding.

While Wellington’s Minto has worries about the Maitland River, its sister city of North Dakota was relatively fortunate with recent flooding of the Red River in the west.

Last week, Minto Mayor David Anderson said, “We’ve also been reading an awful lot about western Canada, specifically the Winnipeg area and how heavily flooded they are.

“The Red River runs south to north, so I was thinking about our neighbours in Minto, North Dakota.”

Anderson emailed that Minto’s mayor, John Riskey, to find out “if they were high and dry or if they were all right.”

Anderson explained “the municipality of Minto, N.D. prepared sandbags and was ready for the worst – and the water never reached the sandbags. They were very lucky.”

He said Riskey thanked him for the concern.