Seniors Centre for Excellence programs praised by councillor

MINTO – Town councillor Jean Anderson gave a shout out to the local Seniors Centre for Excellence at the April 4 Minto council meeting.

As council was approving receipt of correspondence, Anderson remarked on the centre’s April newsletter, which was included in the meeting package.

The eight-page newsletter includes information on health (including COVID-19 vaccinations), fraud alerts, household tips, walking and exercise programs, recipes and schedules for videoconference and teleconference sessions on a variety of topics.

“That’s an excellent little production they put forward for our seniors,” said Anderson

“And I’m really thrilled to see some of the programs they have out there … reaching out to the seniors. Our seniors are really suffering right now.

Anderson continued, “We’re hearing more and more about it. We’re seeing it in the hospital and the emergency rooms.

“The isolation has had a heavy, heavy toll on them. They’re struggling with the vaccine issue. They need help navigating all the systems that are out there to help them.

“But this little newsletter, I was really pleased to see the things they have in there. And if we can get people connected to it and seeing it that’s a good thing. They do really good work.”

Operating from the Mapleton Community Health Centre, the Seniors Centre for Excellence offers services in Mapleton, Minto and Wellington North.

It is funded by the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network.

To connect with the Seniors Centre for Excellence, contact program coordinator Helen Edwards or administrative assistance Carmela Ieropoli at 519-638-1000, or