Seniors’ Centre for Excellence offers tips to stay connected

DRAYTON – As of July 7, the Seniors’ Centre for Excellence in Mapleton will be using its new teleconferencing program.

This program requires no technical expertise on the participant’s part. All that’s needed is a phone and a desire to stay connected.

The goal of the program is to have topics for discussion to keep participants laughing, learning and connected.

“It’s been a tough few months for many, especially for those who are typically active in the community,” officials said. “This new program is a great way to get us communicating again.”


– July 16: Origin of Sayings at 3:30pm;

– July 17: Chips, Anyone? at 10:30am;

– July 21: Book or Movie? at 10:30am;

July 22: A Few of My Favourite Things at 10:30am;

– July 23: Family Feud at 3:30pm

– July 24: Play – Then and Now at 10:30am;

– July 28: Topic: Me, Myself and I at 10:30am;

– July 29: A Few More of My Favourite Things at 10:30am;

– July 30: Vacation Memories at 3:30pm; and

– July 31: Say Cheese at 10:30am.

For now participants are asked to preregister at 519-638-1000 or email to

Staying connected

The Seniors’ Centre for Excellence also offered a few tips to stay connected.

Loneliness and separation can contribute to both mental and physical health issues.

Here are 10 suggestions how seniors can help themselves and other seniors through these challenging days:

– Make that call. Is there a friend or neighbour who might need to chat?

– Talk to family often.

– Find out about virtual ways to talk to others. Skype. Zoom. Facetime, etc.

– Take a course. There are lots of free courses online if you have a computer.

– Knit. Crochet. Sew masks and donate them to a business or individuals.

– Write a letter to another senior friend.

– Keep your brain active and play word games, puzzles, Sudoku, etc.

– Go for a walk, especially with a friend while practising social distancing.

– Keep a journal. The Wellington County Museum is collecting personal stories about coping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Stay positive, but know it is normal to feel sad and overwhelmed at times.