Roundtable provides input to museum plan

CLIFFORD – Jon Linton of TCI Management Consultants attended the Minto Cultural Roundtable meeting on Oct. 28 to discuss ideas for the Wellington County Museum and Archives Strategic Plan.

Linton was acquiring information for the County of Wellington Museum & Archives Strategic Plan Focus Group. The museum, located in Aboyne, stores and displays items and information that reflects the heritage and preserves local history of Wellington County.

Discussion was concentrated on how each display tells a story and awakens a new appreciation of life. This is especially true once visitors realize the actual history of the building and hear stories of the people who took refuge at the House of Industry and who at one time called the poorhouse, home, Linton explained to the group.

Ideas discussed included youth volunteers, promoting tours as a weekend destination, providing a bus tour of the region, continuing to work with schools and fall fairs, and sharing stories and artifacts at seniors meetings. Drawing people to the museum by supporting a travelling interactive exhibit, telling stories of unique events and promoting activities through all sources of media including an extensive e-mail list were also discussed. Simplifying the process to access information and partnering with the 14 branches of the county library were other ideas.

Linton and his company will collect data from many sources, analyze the information, and develop a strategy that will lead to the implementation of the action plan.

Gordon Duff reported on the Culture Days activities that attracted 395 participants who enjoyed a scavenger hunt, Tiny Trains parade, market, story-telling, print making, and chalk art. He shared highlights of the SPARC – Symposium for Performing Arts in Rural Communities meeting held at the Haliburton library.

Minto’s Public Art Policy will be reviewed at another meeting. The committee meets the fourth Monday of the month.