Iconic Saunders Bakery in Rockwood to close for good

ROCKWOOD – Longtime Saunders Bakery employees Brenda Pettitt and Paul Holman bought the historic Rockwood bakery from the Saunders family in 1994.

Offering a variety of fresh baked goods, the bakery is renowned for its jelly donuts.

In anticipation of the owners’ retirement, the bakery was listed for sale last year, but no takers were found.

The building has now been sold, but the bakery will cease operations this month.

Saunders Bakery has been located at the same Main Street building since 1914.

It was opened by Pete Saunders, who purchased the Grieve’s bakery business that opened 20 years earlier.

Pete and his wife Nellie ran the business and later turned it over to their children, Bernice and Herb.

They eventually sold the bakery in 1994 to Holman and Pettitt.

After all these years and wonderful memories, closing the store will be bittersweet, the newest owners state.

“It has been a pleasure to serve our customers over the past 26 years,” said Pettitt.

Holman also wished to thank employees for their service and dedication.

Customers can still enjoy Saunders’ donuts and other baked goods until Aug. 21 (pre-orders only at 519-856-9561, for pickup on Thursdays and Fridays).

Tristan Clark