Recognizing youth

Once again it is time to start thinking about recognizing local youths for the work they do in their community.

Each fall, the Ontario Community Newspapers Association invites nominees for the Ontario Junior Citizen Awards. Any resident of Ontario aged six to 17 is eligible to receive one of the awards. Nominees may be:

– involved in worthwhile community service;

– special young people contributing while living with a physical or psychological limitation;

– individuals who have performed acts of heroism or bravery in the past year;

– youths showing excellence in personal achievements; and

– good kids who demonstrate a commitment to making life better for others and do more than is normally expected of someone their age.

There are no doubt many who could think of a local youth deserving of consideration for such recognition. A quick review of back issues of the Community News might even turn up a few who have made headlines.

Visit for more information or for nomination forms.

The nomination deadline for submissions is Nov. 30.

Every nominee will receive a certificate of recognition  and the final recipients will be invited to a special ceremony in the spring.