Re-zoning approved for new Moorefield LCBO outlet

DRAYTON – Re-zoning for a new liquor store outlet in Moorefield has been approved.

A public meeting was held on Feb. 11 to discuss a proposed zoning change for the convenience store at 38 McGivern Street in Moorefield.

“The proposed purpose and effect is to rezone the subject lands to permit the sale of alcohol within the existing convenience store outlet through a partnership with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario,” said Mayor Gregg Davidson.

The convenience store owned by Terrance and Beth-Anne Rumph would become an LCBO outlet.

“This application is to rezone the subject lands to a site specific commercial zone in order to permit the sale of alcohol,” said planner Jessica Rahim.

“There are no proposed additions or alterations to the building and planning staff is of the opinion that it’s consistent with the existing commercial uses on the property so we have no concerns with the application.”

No one at the meeting objected to the LCBO outlet.

“I think it’s a good thing that they’re going to be bringing this in because I’ve noticed in the past few years that … opportunities … have been growing in Moorefield,” said Moorefield resident Glenn Babin.

“It’s nice to see our little town starting to grow a bit bigger. So I’m definitely not opposed to moving forward here.”

The rezoning bylaw was passed during the regular council meeting.

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