Puslinch council’s remuneration up by $6,000 last year

PUSLINCH – Puslinch Township paid a total of $138,002 to its mayor and councillors in 2022, $6,047 more than in 2021.

Director of finance Mary Hasan presented the council remuneration report to council on March 22.

Mayor James Seeley was paid $28,564 in base salary in 2022 compared to $ $27,458 in 2021. He also used $1,986 in benefits last year.

Councillors were paid a base salary of $19,246 in 2022 compared to $18,501 in 2021.

Councillor Matthew Bulmer was paid $16,761 in 2022 and $6,839 in benefits as he stepped down from council in October and is now a county councillor.

Councillor Russel Hurst, elected to council in October, was paid $2,485 in 2022 and $172 in benefits.

Councillors Jessica Goyda, Sara Bailey and John Sepulis each were paid $19,246 in salary. 

Sepulis used $6,111 in benefits. Goyda and Bailey each used $7,009 in benefits.

Benefits include extended health care, semi-private room in hospital, dental, drug, vision care, out of province health coverage and Canada Pension Plan.

Council received the report for information.