Puslinch committee identifies 18 priority heritage sites

PUSLINCH – The township’s heritage committee members have their work cut out for them, thanks to Bill 23.

The committee has just two years to get as many as possible of its listed heritage properties properly designated. Then any properties on the registry but not designated cannot be designated for another five years. 

And homeowners and developers can do what they want to these historical buildings until and unless they are designated.

The committee submitted a list of 18 listed properties it identified as priorities and hopes to have designated.

They include:

– 6705 Ellis Rd.; 

– 6690 Wellington Road 34 (schoolhouse built 1868; 

– 4614 Wellington Road 32; 

– Puslinch Lake Hotel (McClintock Drive);  

– 7156 Concession 1;

– 42 Queen St.; 

– 46 Queen St.;  

– 22 Victoria St. ; 

– 80 Brock Rd. S.;  

– 319 Brock Rd. S.;  

– 32 Brock Rd. N.;  

– 4217-4223 Watson Rd. S.;  

– 4492 Watson Rd. S.;  

– 843 Watson Rd. S.; 

– 600 Arkell Rd.; 

– 78 Queen St.;

– 80 Queen St.; and

– 84 Queen St.

“The priority properties consist of primarily churches, cemeteries and school houses, commercial buildings and specified residential buildings,” states the report by clerk Courtenay Hoytfox. 

The committee will divide into three subcommittees, each tackling a third of the list. They will research the properties in consultation with the Puslinch Historical Society and Wellington County Museum and Archives and go through the steps for designation.

Council received the report on March 22.