Public health: 12 overdoses in 24 hours in Guelph

GUELPH – Over a 24-hour period last week, there were at least 12 overdoses here.

The overdoses took place between Aug. 1 and 2, according to Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health.

In a health alert, the unit says the overdoses were likely related to fentanyl, “which seems to be extremely potent.”

Dangerous opioids such as fentanyl can be found in almost any street drug.

To reduce the risks of an overdose, public health encourages those who use drugs to: carry naloxone; never use alone, start low and go slow (e.g., with any new purchase, start with one third of a normal dose) and use the consumption and treatment services site supervised by health professionals at Guelph’s Community Health Centre.

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