Property owner opposes relaxation of regulations on shipping containers

MAPLETON – A local property owner feels the township should leave existing regulations regarding the use of shipping containers in the municipality as they stand.

Former Mapleton resident Liz Samis raised the issue in a letter received by council during the June 30 meeting.

At the April 13 meeting, following a report from chief building official Patty Wright, council agreed to consider the matter as part of the next housekeeping review of the zoning bylaw.

Although Wright told council she felt the current bylaw was adequate to deal with the containers, councillor Michael Martin said he doesn’t see why the containers couldn’t be treated like any other accessory structure.

In her letter, Samis said she believes current regulations are “more than fair to taxpayers/land owners.

“These seacans and shipping containers can easily become eyesores in the township and could present additional enforcement issues to staff in monitoring them. It is hard to tell when some of the current containers showed up, but once they are up they are not ideal or easy to get rid of,” Samis stated.

“They can also be another area for rodents (rats) to hang out. Please do not open up this area. Although I do not live in Mapleton Township, I do have three properties in the township and take pride in the township,” she added.

Noting staff time is valuable, Samis stated, “I would hate to see any of their time taken up having to deal with more of these units. Leave well enough alone.”

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