Program provides meals for seniors

MAPLETON – The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired many individuals and organizations to find ways to help those impacted with social isolation, unexpected expenses, and limited trips to stores.

Seniors’ Centre for Excellence coordinator Helen Edwards reports the Township of Mapleton’s application for  The Good For You Food Box Program has been successful.

Funds are distributed through the United Way of Guelph Wellington as part of Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC) Emergency Community Support Fund ((ECSF).

The program is designed for anyone in the area aged 55 or older who could benefit from a food delivery every two weeks. Edwards has help from program co-ordinator Joe Wettlaufer and Elsa Mann of the Rural Outreach Team.

The program has been underway since July. The food is sorted, packed and dropped off at various locations throughout the county to be picked up or delivered to over 90 individuals.

Meals are prepared by The Seed, a project of the Guelph Community Health Centre. Dietitians Paula Seifried and Alyson Colton submitted Canada’s Food Guide, health literature, recipes, and the Seniors’ Centre for Excellence newsletters to include with the deliveries.

Ardda Colley of Harriston chose to volunteer to deliver some of the Good for You Food Boxes. She is happy to help, stating, “Everyone appreciates the food and looks forward to seeing what I bring each time I visit.”