Planned new park in development for Drayton

DRAYTON – This community will soon be getting a new park.

Mapleton Mayor Gregg Davidson announced the township’s acquisition of parkland off Queen Street, during a June 1 virtual public meeting held to discuss plans to upgrade the PMD arena.

Davidson announced that “a large open field” at the south of Queen Street is now owned by the municipality.

Davidson explained the township recently bought the property back from a local developer for $1. The land had been sold to the developer by the municipality for the same amount several years ago.

At the time, said Davidson, the developer was planning to use the property as part of a golf course.

“We are in development stages,” said Davidson.

“We are looking for funding to develop that park. It’s a large park and we’ll certainly work toward getting that done,” he added.

Davidson said parks, cemeteries and facilities manager Lucas Rogerson and the recreation committee are looking into funding opportunities.

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