Pigeon King meeting on July 30

Any creditors in the Pigeon King bankruptcy case should be aware of a meeting being held next week.

BDO Dunwoody, which was appointed the trustee of the bankrupt company, has an­nounced a meeting for creditors on July 30 at 10am at the office of Bingemans, 1464 Victoria St. N. in Kitch­ener.

Creditors in the highly publicized case must prove their claims against the company in order to share in any distribution of the proceeds realized from the estate.

Meanwhile, a group calling itself Business Opportunity Busters is planning a demonstration at the meeting, hoping to attract at least 1,000 protesters.

The group is protesting what it sees as a lack of recourse within the judicial sys­tem for operators of  ponzi or pyramid schemes or fraudulent business opportunities.

An email sent to the The Wellington Advertiser from the group stated, “It is time for us victims to take a stand for each other and organize as a group to make changes so that laws are enforced and not swept under the carpet, [and] to protect ourselves and others …”

For more information about the demonstration, email  busoppbusters@gmail.com.