Palmerston Lions hosting Walk for Dog Guides fundraiser in June

Proceeds go directly to Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

PALMERSTON – The Palmerston Lions Club is holding the Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides on June 8.

The walk is a project of the Palmerston Lions Club, with all proceeds going directly to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

“This is a national walk, so they’re very well organized,” said Palmerston Lions member Roxanne Lashbrook.

The national walk takes place on May 26, but Lashbrook said those interested do not need to do the walk that given day.  

That is why the Lions Club is holding its walk on June 8, as that date worked best for them.

“We’re sponsored this year by Pet Valu, and the national organization is the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides,” Lashbrook explained.

The proceeds from the Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides go directly to support the Lions’ Dog Guide programs.

The Lions Foundation, according to its website, “empowers Canadians living with disabilities to navigate their world with confidence and independence, by providing a dog guide at no cost and supporting them in their journey together.”

Located in Oakville, with a breeding and training facility in Breslau, the foundation is “the only school to train dog guides in seven distinct programs,” its website also states.

Each dog guide costs $35,000 to train and place from the time of breeding, rearing and training, followed by a lifetime of follow-up services.

Helen Meyers, also a Palmerston Lions Club member, explained the foundation relies strictly on fundraisers and donations to provide matches to people, and it does not receive any government funding.

“At a year old, [dogs] go up to Oakville, and that’s a four-to-six month intensive course that the dog would go through for one specific service that they will perform,” said Lashbrook.

“It depends on the dog, what they’re capable of and how their temperament is. Some of them are maybe too hyper for a certain area, but maybe they fall into another area … that they would do better at.”

Lashbrook added the Lions are “really pushing to get more donations for our walk” to reach their $1,600,000 national goal.

As of April 19, a total of $214,843 was raised.

Those who raise or donate more than $20 will also receive a tax receipt, and there are prizes available for those who raise certain amounts of donations:

– $150 gets you a pair of socks and an automatic entry into a draw for a $250 e-gift card of your choice;

– $500 gets you a travel kit and automatic entry into a draw for a $500 e-gift card;

– $1,000 gets you a “Walk for Dog Guides” speaker and entry into a draw for a Dyson V8 animal cordless stick vacuum; and

– Raising $1,500 gets you a backpack, plus entry into a draw for a Samsung 55” Smart TV.

For more information, donation forms and registration, visit