Painting from 1900s to return to historic townhall in Drayton

MAPLETON – A Drayton painting from the early 1900s is being returned to its original home at the Drayton Festival Theatre, which was once the town council chamber.

On Jan. 28, community member Bruce Schieck asked for Mayor Gregg Davidson to issue a letter that would release the painting from the Wellington County Museum and Archives and allow it to be hung in the theatre.

“It is of a blacksmith’s shop with a blacksmith in front of his forage doing his work and looking out the backdoor you can see the railroad tracks with a train going over the bridge,” Schieck said. “Some of us are of the opinion that that painting should maybe be returned back to the theatre where it was originally intended to be.”

The painting was restored by a previous council and is ready to be hung in the Drayton Festival Theatre.

“I’m a member of the historical society so I’m greatly in favour of keeping our community’s historical pieces within our community as much as possible rather than sending everything to the Wellington County museum,” said councillor Marlene Ottens.

“I’m greatly in favour of this.”

Schieck said it would be hung in the theatre lounge, beside the grand piano.

“I believe the room you’re talking about Bruce, I’m not sure but was that not the council chambers back in the day?” Ottens asked. “So that’s kind of coming full circle.”

Schieck confirmed Ottens was correct.

“I think it’s a great spot for that painting,” councillor Mike Martin said. “That room itself is a great room and to all your talking about, it seems like a great spot. I support this request.”

Schieck offered to use his own money to move the painting because it needs to be professionally transported and hung.

“I think it’s a masterpiece that should be preserved and put in the town hall,” he said.

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