Other issues more important than CBC investment in radio stations

While Wat­erloo Region is garnering support for a regional CBC radio station based in that municipality, Wellington North councillor Dan Yake does not believe a radio stations is where the Canadian government should be spending its money.
Correspondence to council from the City of Waterloo outlined the CBC efforts seeking increased funding to establish 13 new regional CBC radio stations.
Waterloo Region is one of the recommended designated areas.
City councillors believe hav­ing a local CBC station would provide local stories and focus on local affairs and provide informed debate on local issues to national and international media – thus providing world wide access.
The city stated the CBC “recognizes the region as one of the fastest growing areas, with its own cultural, economic, and educational identity, which, as an under-serviced area, should have increased access to local public broadcasting services providing distinct coverage of local and re­gional News, culture, and public affairs.”
Yake’s initial comment was that the issue really did not have much to do with Well­ington North.
Councillor Ross Chaulk, too, is skeptical.
“Shouldn’t market forces dictate some of this?” he asked.
While Chaulk does see the merits in having CBC outlets in more remote parts of the country, he saw little sense in tax dollars “subsidizing the establishment of a radio station in one of the biggest markets in Canada.”
“There are more important areas our government should be spending money on than radio stations,” Yake said.