OPP urge citizens to be cautious around ice

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Wellington County OPP are reminding the public they still need to be cautious even though the temperature has dropped and there is some ice on rivers, ponds and lakes throughout the county.

Police note ice thickness can be affected by factors including the time of the year, size and depth of the water, the presence of rocks, logs and vegetation, air temperature and water current.

Ice does not freeze at uniform thickness throughout the body of water and it should be checked regularly as you move further on to it. It is recommended to have at least four inches of clear hard ice before venturing out on foot.

The OPP remind outdoor enthusiasts to remember the “one-10-one” principle if they do go through the ice.

This means you have one minute to control your breathing, 10 minutes of meaningful movement to get yourself out of the water and one hour before you become unconscious due to hypothermia.

“Remember – no ice is without risk – be cautious and take the appropriate steps to ensure that your time on and around the ice is safe and enjoyable while partaking in your favourite winter activities,” police urge.

Community News Staff