New defibrillators approved for Mapleton Fire Rescue

DRAYTON – New defibrillators are coming to Mapleton Township.

Fire Chief Rick Richardson told council on Jan. 28 that the fire department would be joining forces with Minto and Wellington North to update its defibrillators (from Medtronic Lifepak 1000 to Zoll).

Originally this capital purchase was scheduled for 2022, but because Guelph Wellington EMS is updating to the Zoll model, Richardson said it would be good for the fire department to also update to stay consistent between departments.

“And the advantage of that is when we get to a scene and the … person’s not breathing we’ll put our defibrillator pads on that patient and … they will take our patient with the pads on,” Richardson told council at the meeting.

“It will hook into their machine and they will give us the replacement set of pads,” he explained.

Also ordering the machines in bulk with the other municipalities will cost about $2,700 per unit, when the full price would be about $4,050. One unit will be purchased for each station.

The portable pump capital purchase scheduled for this year will be pushed back for two years.

“I think you’re really going to enjoy the Zoll and you did mention about transferring of pads and replacement pad,” councillor Michael Martin said.

“On the other side of things, it’s tough to really emphasize enough how much time you save when you just transfer cables during an event where the defibrillator is being used.

“So I think it’s a great idea that you … jumped on board with this and moved some capital projects around.”

Martin also asked if there were any loaner or replacement units when the defibrillator was in for servicing.

Richardson said the Medtronic units would still be good until 2022 and that he would look into whether there was a replacement unit.

Guelph Wellington EMS will have a service unit in their system.

“Right now if we need any medical supplies from Guelph-Wellington we just request it through the paramedics and the next day they’re dropped off at the Drayton station,” Richardson said.

“So I’m hoping the Zoll machine will be the same.”

Mayor Gregg Davidson asked Richardson to inquire further about the spare unit.

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