New bench decorates downtown

CLIFFORD – Clifford, the Big Red Dog is a popular series of children’s books authored by the late Norman Bridwell starting in 1963 and quickly became Scholastic’s official mascot. Oftentimes, Clifford the big red dog mascot stops by at community events and sometimes rides in local parades with Sparky the fire dog.

‘Cliffy,” the little red puppy is featured on a red bench that was set at the traffic light corner under the Rotary clock on April 3.

Isabel and Don Senek of Clifford commissioned Andy Pridham of Weathered Design and Fabrication to create the bench with Cliffy. It also features the new community theme – Clifford Connects.

Pridham has also been fabricating phone booths to support a Town of Minto public art project  planned for this spring in Clifford.

Each booth will be sponsored by a business, club, or individual and decorated to reflect the Clifford Connects theme ‘These Booths Were Made for Talking.” Once completed, the booths will be set at intervals along Clifford’s main street.

Economic development manager Belinda Wick-Graha said the project will go ahead despite COVID-19 restrictions.

“We won’t be able to do a big unveiling event as the street celebration is postponed, but would still like to get them on the street in June and voting over the summer months,” she said.

Harriston has Cool Cones and Palmerston has Trendy Trains as public art projects in those Minto communities and soon Clifford will have booths.

However, until then, Cliffy, the little red puppy on the Clifford Connects bench serves as the latest addition to the streets.