Minto installs new community flagpole

MINTO – The Town of Minto has installed a new community flagpole on the grounds of the municipal office.

“This designated flagpole will be made available to community organizations who wish to fly a flag in honour of an event or a special cause,” states a June 25 press release form the town.

“The intention is for the community flagpole to be used as a tool for bringing attention to issues that are important to community groups and to Town of Minto residents.”

Flagpole requests can be submitted to the clerk’s office for approval.

Town official stress they will not approve applications “in support of political parties, commercial organizations, religious groups, or groups that support social or racial intolerance, violence or hatred.”

“The municipality will collaborate with any community group making use of the flag ole to advise the public of the significance of the flag being flown,” states the release.

When there is no community organization’s flag on the pole, the Town of Minto flag will be flown.

The town’s flag policy can be viewed at the municipal office or on the municipal website.