Minor variance allows owners to triple accessory structure size on property

Councillors here are allowing a minor variance that will more than triple the area for accessory structures at 5372 on the 5th Line.

Minto’s committee of ad­justment recently considered an application to recognize an existing 1,200 square foot accessory building and to permit construction of a 3,200 square foot accessory structure on the existing property. Minto’s current zoning bylaw only allows a maximum combined ground floor area for all accessory structures of 1,000 square feet.

The property owners are Shawn and Angela Stanley.

Linda Redmond, a planner for the Wellington County, wrote the variance would provided relief from requirements for accessory structures on a residential lot.

Minto Chief Building In­spector Terry Kuipers said there are a few things going on with the property – one of which is a severance application for a 4.7 acre residential property He said that currently the property complies with the town’s zoning bylaw, but once the severance comes into play, that is no longer the case.

That is where the cap of 1,000 square feet kicks in.

“As it stands right now it’s legal, but as soon as the severance goes through, it’s not.”

One of the conditions of the severance is that the existing she be legalized.

Deputy-mayor Judy Dirk­sen said the change is de­scribed as a minor variance, but it is a major change.

She said the combined size of the accessory structures is quite different than the current bylaw allows.

She asked if Minto is too restrictive with its bylaw by limiting accessory buildings to 1,000 square feet. She asked if there are any concerns over the use of the larger structure.

Wellington County planner Mark Van Patter said the limits were first put into place because of areas where there were a number of residential dwellings and some owners started erecting larger accessory buildings. While he agreed there are quite a few problems, in this instance, he suspected the impact will be relatively minor.

He said the building will be set back along a farm laneway.

Van Patter suggested council might consider restricting commercial uses.

Further, in talking with Stanley, Van Patter said the intent is to store recreational vehicles, so it is likely the building will fill up quickly.

Council later approved the minor variance to recognize the existing structure and allow the proposed 3,200 square foot structure.