Mayor cites highlights and progress of 2007 in Wellington North

Well­ington North mayor Mike Broom­head said he was more than a little overwhelmed looking at the accomplishments over the past year, even while he looks forward to 2008.
Since his election as mayor, Broomhead has used the first meeting of the new year to outline the accomplishments of the previous year.
While he maintained it is impossible to list everything he certainly attempted to do so:
– Canada Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund grants was garnered to build the bridge on Sideroad 8 and Concession 9, with tender to be sent out next month.
– A site plan is being developed for the old Arthur Public School property. Broomhead said the developer plans to build apartments and homes.
– The Eastridge subdivision in Arthur is ready to build. Roads are now in place and a drainage pond is constructed near the sewage lagoon.
– Wellington North is doing studies, engineering, and ongoing discussions with the Min­istry of Environment re­gard­ing increasing sewage capa­city at the treatment plant in Arthur.
– Tenders have been opened for the new library and medical centre in Arthur. Construction is expected to start in February. Unofficially, Broomhead said that tender is under budget.
– Work is underway on a site plan agreement for a subdivision on Preston Street, in Arthur.
– Planning and site work is being developed for a subdivision in Kenilworth, just west of Kenilworth Public School, on Sideroad 7 West.
– The municipality is developing and using gravel from the pit it purchased on Con­cession 11.
– Industrial Road extension in Mount Forest will take place and Waste Management Ltd. will be building a transfer station and yard.
– Two acres of industrial land were sold, with the option for more land to be sold. The township is working on an agreement for a site plan for the property.
– The 77 acre [Murphy property] offer was accepted, and council will work on this with respect to use studies, zoning and development.
– The property at the southwest corner of Highway 6 and Wellington County Road 109 is being developed.
– The sewage treatment plant in Mount Forest is well underway and ahead of schedule. Work has started on the old disposal plant in Mount Forest to convert it into a pumping station.
– The sewer bottleneck on Arthur Street in Mount Forest was eliminated and the last section of forcemain installed on North Water Street, connecting the old disposal plant to the new sewage treatment plant.
– Dublin Street in Mount Forest was closed south of Princess Street for the benefit of the hospital and medical centre.
– Wellington North is working on the final development de­tails for the property adjacent to the Saugeen Valley Nur­sing Centre.
– Discussion continues regarding the development of the property on the corner of Queen Street and Cork Street.
– The Sports complex construction is well under way, and looking amazing. “We are on budget and if all goes well we will be cutting the ribbon in the fall of 2008.” Services to the arena on Princess Street will be constructed this winter.
– Work on the east end of Albert Street in Mount Forest is complete. The road was built preparing for a new subdivision on the south side of the road and to complete the work for the present subdivision on the north side of the road.
– Engineering has been com­pleted for the connecting link in Mount Forest [Main Street] and discussions continue with the Ministry of Trans­portation of Ontario about fund­ing.
– To improve fire protection, a new booster pump was installed at a well in Mount Forest.
– Work on the new Mount Forest daycare centre is coming along well. Construction is to begin this year and the facility will be located adjacent to the Mount Forest Public School on Durham Street West.
– The award winning Butter Tart Trail will be expanding in 2008, and the economic development committee’s tourism group is working with the Grand River Conservation Auth­ority to develop the first birding trail map in Ontario.
– Arthur and Mount Forest are preparing for work to begin streetscaping projects to en­hance the communities.
– Arthur and Mount Forest had very successful homecomings.
Broomhead commented that as a result of changes and responsibilities handed down to municipalities, “My job as mayor is turning into a full-time job.”
He said the workload is intensified for all councillors and staff – but the effort is ap­preciated by members of the community.
The list, he said, shows how hard everyone has worked, “and as mayor, I am proud of the work we’ve accomplished.”