Mapleton council lowers price of land in phase two of industrial park

MAPLETON – Council passed a motion to lower the price per acre of lots in the Drayton Industrial Park (phase two) during a closed session on March 5. 

It’s a move Mayor Gregg Davidson said “I expect that with this new agreement … we will probably fill up phase two almost right away. I think that we have come up with a plan that is going to be very encouraging for business.”

The original price for lots in the industrial park was $40,000 per acre plus HST. 

That has been reduced to $33,900 plus HST for phase two.

Council also voted to change the development charge requirements within the township, allowing industries to pay in instalments over a five-year period. 

A business would have to get its building permit within 18 months from the time of purchase in order to be allowed to defer its development charges.