Mapleton council agrees Drayton crossing guard will remain on Edward Street

MAPLETON – Council has decided a crossing guard will remain at the intersection of Wellington Street South and Edward Street in Drayton.

The Nov. 12 decision reverses a bylaw council approved in September to direct staff to assess moving the crossing guard to Andrews Drive and Wellington Road 11 at the new crossover crosswalk.

At the time council discussed moving the crossing guard because it is common practice.

During discussions in September CAO Manny Baron said, “I can’t think I’ve ever in my experience … seen a crossing guard where there is not a crosswalk …”

Residents were against moving the crossing guard, which led to council’s decision to overturn the bylaw.

Public petition

“Is this just through public feedback?” councillor Marlene Ottens asked.

Chief building officer Sam Mattina confirmed the motion was “purely the result of public response.”

Councillor Michael Martin asked where the public response was coming from.

“I haven’t received any myself.  Have we had letters or emails or are we going off Mapleton What’s Happening [Facebook page]?” Martin wondered.

“My understanding is there is a petition in the works, and was likely going to be presented to council at some point in the future, but in anticipation of that we are being proactive and accommodating the public,” said Mattina.