Mapleton approves sole-source quotation for new trucks

DRAYTON – Mapleton council has approved a sole-source quotation from Viking Cives for two new tandem axle plow dump trucks.

The total price would be $278,590 each plus HST.

“There [are] a number of benefits explained in the report as to benefits of sole sourcing,” director of public works Sam Mattina said at the Feb. 11 meeting.

Some of the cited benefits include:

– reducing the overall purchasing process by about six weeks;

– procurement and delivery before the trucks are needed next season;

– good timing to sell the current trucks at auction;

– purchasing from a local supplier resulting in easily accessible repair services and replacement parts; and

– a long history of purchasing trucks with a Western Star chassis and Viking Cives equipment that allows for easy in-house minor repairs because the assets are understood.

Councillor Paul Douglas asked how Mattina knew the township was getting a fair deal if only one price was provided.

“Historically we have purchased from Viking Cives in the past and we have received fair pricing and many usage years,” Mattina said.

Additionally,  he noted, the Region of Waterloo purchased two similar vehicles, with a few more equipment aspects, for $50,000 more per truck than Mapleton is paying.

“The Region of Waterloo has also purchased a number of vehicles from them in that price range,” Mattina said.

Councillor Dennis Craven asked how much Mattina thought the township would get for the used trucks.

Because the trucks will be going to market when they’re “highly desirable,” Mattina said they’re hoping to get $10,000 for each truck at auction.

Currently tandem axle plow dump trucks are up for replacement on a 15-year cycle and the replacements are included in the 2020 budget.

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