Main event in Clifford

Consider it a main event in Minto – water mains, that is.

It looks like some fancy foot­work is required to keep water flowing in downtown Clifford.

The topic came up at a recent council session, when clerk Barb Wilson noted town lawyer Gil Deverell believes council should move ahead with an easement agreement.

The bylaw noted that for the past several decades, the town and the former village of Clif­ford had the use of lands without a registered easement.

The move was to register its claim and have one on title.

Director of Public Works Norm Fisk explained there is a roadway behind Greenley’s Restaurant, from Allan Street to Geddes Street, where there is an existing water main.

Fisk said back in 1945 when the water mains were installed, the municipality did not get any easements in Clif­ford.

In this instance, Fisk said the Ministry of the Environ­ment will not give the town a certificate of approval for the main without the easement in place.

As of the meeting date, Fisk said the last signature came in that day. “So we’re good to go on that side, but not the other side,” he said.