Local architect recognized by Ontario Agricultural College

Local architect and planner Charles Simon recently received the OAC Volunteer Recognition award.

That award is handed out  annually by the Ontario Agri­cultural College “in recognition of the dedication and hard work of volunteers whose contributions have enhanced their communities.”

Simon has a long history of community involvement. At the beginning of his career, as architect for a local Civic Soci­ety in England, he prepared pro bono proposals for a downtown revitalization scheme.

In Toronto, he drew up proposals for an early and successful neighbourhood traffic calming project.

His pioneering work in energy efficient building, environmentally sensitive site planning and resource planning has been widely recognized.

His enthusiasm in those areas has led him to present talks and workshops to numerous community, youth and college or university groups.

Most recently, he was the co-founder of the ambitious Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral project. The village is aiming to become the first carbon neutral village in North America.

The citation in the award stated that Simon is “an untiring advocate for livable communities, sustainable building design and imaginative ways of sharing our common community resources.”