Little impact to Minto over seasonal trailers tax

Minto is likely to be unaffected by the recent overturning of a decision re­garding assessments on seasonal trailers.
Councillors here recently discussed a report from Treasurer Gord Duff and Janet Klemp.
“The assessment of seasonal trailers in Ontario has been a controversial item since 2003,” their report stated. “The assessment of these trailers has been suspended for many years. In 2003, MPAC processed omitted assessments on a campground in Sauble Beach. These assessments were cancelled by cabinet regulation. For 2004 and 2005, MPAC assessed all seasonally-used trailers it de­termined to be land within the meaning of the act to the owners of campgrounds across On­tario.
“The Town of Minto pro­cessed any assessment which it received from MPAC. The Sauble Beach campground took MPAC to court and won its case in 2005. MPAC and the Town of South Bruce Peninsula appealed the court decision to the Court of Appeal of Ontario. On Jan. 14, the Court of Appeal made a decision overturning the decision of the lower court, thus affirming the original  assessments. If the camp­ground wishes to appeal this decision, it must appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.
“Minto has no outstanding assessments to complete for seasonal trailers. However it is possible that MPAC will add more assessments that it had held in abeyance.” Duff said the decision should not have a big impact on Minto, as it continued to collect the taxes.