Kitras’ neighbourhood, wellbeing task force idea approved by council

ELORA – A motion proposed by councillor Stephen Kitras early in the year returned to Centre Wellington council March 29.

Kitras had proposed a Community Wellbeing  and  Neighbourhood  Hospitality  Taskforce, a group that would start on-the-ground neighbourhood activities to generate a sense of community and connectivity, and combat isolation during the pandemic.

Since then, Kitras has spoken with township staff about the initiative and communications officer Kendra Martin presented a report on what’s happening in nearby municipalities.

She suggested a pilot project and funding three neighbourhood activities at $1,000 each to get the project off the ground. She also suggested the youth council, which has gone on hiaitus during the pandemic, might be a good group to tap into for this project.

“When neighbours know neighbours, they feel safe,” Martin said.

“There a stronger sense of community and belonging.”

During council’s discussion it was decided that Kitras and Martin will  make a presentation to the Community Services Advisory Committee (CSAC) and form a subcommittee to develop guidelines and a way forward.

“I can work with CSAC and a subcommittee, but I think we will need ordinary people to build this,” Kitras said.

Council unanimously supported the motion.