January building fees in Mapleton beat township’s three-year average

DRAYTON – Fees collected by the Mapleton building department are above the three year average, according to a report to council on Feb. 11.

In January, the building department issued 11 permits for a total value of about $2.3 million. The township collected $28,574 in fees, compared to a three-year average of $19,166 for January.

However, the number of permits issued this January is below the January total for 2019 (22) when the total value was $3.3 million.

But January 2020 still beat January 2019 in fees collected by the township. In January 2019 only $23,624 was collected, compared to $28,573 this year.

January’s numbers reflect strong permits, value and fees collected for agricultural buildings. In January, four permits were issued for agricultural buildings, valued at about $1.4 million, netting $14,535 in fees.

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