How to find an equine partner

GUELPH – Great partners make one another shine. You look forward to spending time together and you bring out the best in one another. There is a bond and communication that transcends words. Finding that great partner is most often the result of building a great team around you.

Equine Guelph has offered the top five tips on finding an equine partner:

– know the costs;

– seek professional help: Enlisting a coach or pro that understands your skill level can be invaluable helping you partner up and they can help you avoid emotional mistakes. Also, seek the help of someone who knows legal contracts (which should always accompany a sale, lease or part-board agreement);

– know your goals: can the horse perform the tasks you would like to achieve;

– don’t skip the veterinary pre-purchase exam if you are to become the new owner, even if you are getting the horse for free; and

– educate yourself: even if you plan to board your horse, you will be the main advocate for your partner, and it is your responsibility to be knowledgeable in equine care, management and welfare.

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