Guelph-Eramosa fire department helps celebrate woman’s 100th birthday

Setting the town on fire – The Guelph-Eramosa fire department sent two trucks past Ethel Gilmour’s home in Rockwood on Feb. 28 to honour her on her 100th birthday. Dozens of neighbours and family also dropped in to wish her well. Ethel credits her longevity to “living a real life” and filling it with love of her children, love of sports, and hard work.

Son Don Gilmour, pictured with Ethel, said his mom was in hospital for a bump on her head this past year when the unit went into COVID-19 outbreak, “and she never got it.” Granddaughter Sarah Gilmour called her grandmother “loving and caring and a real jokester. Hopefully I got the same genes. And her teeth. She has all her own teeth,” Sarah said.