Group seeks performers for concerts at noon

Downtown Guelph is seeking submissions from musicians and entertain­ers interested in performing in St. George’s Square for its 2008 noon hour concert series which take place every Friday from mid-June to mid-Sep­tember.
The group is seeking div­erse talent that is marketable to a broad audience.
The concerts are a long-standing tradition of the Down­town Guelph Business Asso­ci­ation, offering local and region­al entertainment in Guelph’s historic core. Downtown Guelph will pay $250 for each act chosen by committee. For more informa­tion or to apply, submit a demo CD or promotional package to: Lynn Broughton, Promotions Coordinator, Downtown Guelph, at 202-42 Wyndham Street North, Guelph, ON, or  telephone: 519-836-6144 for more information.