Grand River Mustang teams champs of “Survive the Hive”

Survived and thrived – The Grand River Mustangs U11 BB team “Survived the Hive” to win a tournament in Oakville last weekend. After an overtime win in the semi-final, the team battled hard in the final to tie the game, which went into overtime and then eight rounds of sudden death shootout. “The girls worked hard and came out as champions,” officials state. “Way to go, ladies.”         

Golden champs – The U13 LL Grand River Mustangs Team White brought home gold from Oakville’s “Survive The Hive” tournament last weekend. The team inlcudes Makayla Zandbergen, Grace Gammie, Leah Pelkie, Kylie Brindley, Taylynn Hall, Sadie Atton-Douglas, Paisley Gilbert, Brooklyn Zandbergen, Grace Rawn, Makenna Stokley, Maya Smeltzer, Grace Shody, Brooklyn Mulvey, Briar Youngblood, Scarlett King, Madi Steen and Olivia Shody. Submitted photo