Georgian Horse Expo comes to Mount Forest June 26 and 27

The Georgian Horse Expo, featuring Sermon on the Mount, a horse training seminar, blue grass music by Rescue Junction and equine-related vendors from all over Ontario, will come to Mount Forest on June 26 and 27.

The feature attraction each night  is Sermon on the Mount with Dr. Lew Sterrett. 

Sterrett, of Miracle Mountain Ranch, Spring Creek, Pennsylvania, brings lessons for life from the language of the horse to the Mount Forest fair grounds June 26 and 27 – as well as the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex in Fergus on June 28 at 7pm.

He uses horses in various stages of training in Sermon on the Mount presentations to illustrate lessons for life.

“Our purpose,” says Dr. Sterrett, “is to help people understand how healthy relationships develop and how they can experience harmony and success in their own lives.”

There is no admission fee charged for the event, although donations are appreciated.

As an international speaker, horse trainer and certified counselor, Sterrett has developed several video and TV series. He illustrates how a trainer’s character wins the heart of the horse, setting the stage for future success in all areas of training.

This presentation is given to tens of thousands of people throughout the United States and Canada each year.

People of all ages and backgrounds – both horse or non-horse enthusiasts – are welcoming this presentation into their communities as a challenging and encouraging experience. Some have said “it is a picture worth a thousand words.”

All are invited to come see lessons of life from the language of the horse.

On Sunday afternoon (June 27) Sterrett will host a “Principle-Based Training Seminar,” focusing on the fundamentals of horse handling alongside a master horse trainer.

Watch as Dr. Sterrett demonstrates his training principles and techniques on a variety of horses, illustrating that the principles are designed for both horse and handler success. Admission is free, but seating is limited.

Check out horse-related vendors each day. You will find everything from boots and tack to T-shirts and popcorn.

This will prove to be a weekend of entertainment for the whole family.

Mount Forest

On Saturday (June 26th) gates open at 1:00pm, Rescue Junction begins at 5:30pm and Sermon on the Mount starts at 7:00pm.

On Sunday (June 27th) “Cowboy Church” will start at 11:00am, the “Principal Based Training Seminar” at 1:00pm, music by Rescue Junction at 5:30pm and Sermon on the Mount at 7:00pm.


Sermon on the Mount  starts at the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex in Fergus on June 28 at 7pm.

For more information call event coordinator Lorie Zulauf 519-794-4844.