Gala for Groves raises $360,000 for new hospital; $19.7 million raised to date

FERGUS – The Gala for Groves event at the Elora Mill on Jan. 31 raised $360,000 for the new Groves hospital.

That brings the total raised for the new building in Aboyne to $19.7 million – just $300,000 shy of the original goal.

“That is thanks to the generosity of the community,” said Groves Hospital Foundation executive director Lori Arsenault.

The funds will all be put towards equipment for the new hospital, with $135,000 earmarked from the Fund a Need live auction at the event for about five defibrillators.

“Any equipment in any hospital across Ontario is fundraised for,” Arsenault said. “So the Ministry of Health does not cover for any equipment.

“When you go into the hospital, whether it’s a patient bed, an IV pole or even the chair you’re sitting in, it is funded by donors in the community.”

The foundation has been fundraising for about five years to raise enough money to stock the new hospital with the equipment it needs.

The Gala for Groves was the latest fundraiser.

Arsenault said the Elora Mill approached the Groves Hospital Foundation a year and a half ago saying they wanted to support the hospital by hosting a gala.

“I think it was a wonderful first-time gala,” Arsenault said. “I think it was a wonderful way for the Elora Mill to support the community and really the success of the gala is thanks to them and their generosity and all the generosity of the community that attended.

“I think it was sort of a one-time, very special opportunity.”

Though the foundation won’t set another lofty goal once the new hospital is open, Arsenault said fundraising will continue “as equipment is needed, as equipment needs to be replaced.

“That will always continue, so the foundation will continue to raise funds for that and we’ll continue to need support from the community.”

To make a private donation Arsenault outlined three different points of contact:

– visit the foundation office at Groves Memorial Community Hospital;

– call 519-843-2010 ext. 3268;


– visit www.grovesfoundation. com.

She also pointed out various community groups are continuing to hold hospital fundraisers.

For example, the Fergus-Elora Rotary Club and Fergus Legion’s “Catch the Ace” progressive lottery draw donates 50 per cent of proceeds (minus expenses) to

the hospital.

As for the Gala for Groves, Arsenault thanked the Elora Mill for hosting the event and all the sponsors and guestswho made the evening possible.

“It was a very elegant evening, but it was also very exciting and a great celebration of the new Groves hospital,” she said. “People that attended really enjoyed it.”