The first thing my family is going to do when this week’s Wellington Advertiser arrives on the doorstep is read the Celebrate Canada’s 150 special edition cover to cover.

The second thing?

Cut out the Canadian flag on the back page and tape it to the inside of our front window. I hope your family will do the same.

Let’s get this party started now.

Of course, this will cause a frantic search for the tape, because nobody can ever find it in my household. I am convinced the tape and scissors have run off together and taken all the pens with them. It’s a mystery that perplexes us all.

And while the flag in the window is sure to spark debate over who will be given the task of washing the windows (because there will be no ignoring the fact that our windows are filthy), I think this may be the motivation we need to get the Carpenter to complete that chore (What? You know I can’t use a ladder).

We’re talking about putting our flag on display here, so whatever it takes.

For the Carpenter and I, this will be our 17th summer in Wellington County. Thanks to my career, to my role as a hockey parent and to my love of road trips, I’ve explored much of the county and the unique communities within it.

Let’s face it, we have some gorgeous views here. Whether you want rocky cliffs and flowing rivers, lakes and forests, historic downtowns or the reminder that we are a place where agriculture has not been fully engulfed by urban sprawl, I can think of no better place to celebrate Canada’s birthday than here, at home.

Pride in place is evident from all corners of our region. And so it should be. That’s what the Advertiser’s special feature is all about – our combined imprint on the history of our nation.

This year I have a list of quintessentially Canadian activities planned – all of them local.

I’ve got my tickets for Gordon Lightfoot at the Elora Festival and three other Canadian bands I plan to see at Riverfest Elora. I’m going to try fly fishing on the Grand. I’ve got theatre tickets for Drayton; plan to catch the fireworks in Mount Forest; will put my feet in Belwood, Conestogo and Rockwood waters; and may even brave a canoe somewhere along the Grand River.

Of course, I will not miss events in Arthur, because who would miss the most patriotic village?

I want to experience farmers’ markets all across the county and go for sunset drives through the countryside in every direction. There will be lacrosse games this summer and, of course, hockey next fall, and while I don’t curl, I’ll go cheer my folks on.

I can’t wait to try snowshoeing next winter, my fingers are crossed for a snowmobile adventure and I would like to get to ice fish at least once.

In every season, I am happiest walking along the trails, enjoying the view. Car shows, community barbecues, festivals and cultural events galore – you name it.

Canada is going to feel the Wellington County love this year.

So put that flag in your window and share your pride. The Advertiser’s got this celebration covered.

But first, can I borrow your tape?




Kelly Waterhouse