FERGUS SCOTTISH FESTIVAL: Scottish Festival looking for volunteers

The Fergus Scottish Fes­tival is once again asking for lads and lassies of all ages to step forward and volunteer their energy and time to make this year’s festival a success.

Anyone interested in meeting new people, learning new skills, and being immersed in Scottish culture for a weekend, the Scottish Festival is looking for them.

Volunteers are an integral part in running the events, doing jobs like site maintenance, decorating, greeting visitors at the information tent, preparing food, putting up signage and dozens more.

No matter what age or skill set, the festival needs help to make 2009 a banner year.

Register or encourage friends, family, and co-workers to fill out an information sheet on the festival website: fergusscottishfestival.com.

For information contact Val Bradley at 519-787-0099.