Erin Santa Claus parade begins 11am on Nov. 26

ERIN – Elves at the Erin Lions Club are preparing to bring plenty of Christmas cheer through the streets of downtown Erin this Saturday.

The Lions Club Santa Claus parade departs McCullough Drive on Nov. 26 at 11am.

Erin Lions Club member Bryce McEnery said there will be 20 floats in the parade, which is expected to last an hour as it threads along Main Street.

There will be animals, tractors, music and costumes galore for all to see before the parade comes to an end at Erin Fire Station 10 at Erinville Drive.

Food donations for East Wellington Community Services are being collected along the way and can also be dropped off ahead of time on the porch of 241 Main Street – a long-standing tradition in town since former resident John McHenry began collecting food donations and hosting a mini block party there.