Erin council approves $2.96-million contract for Centre 2000 renovations

Government grant covering up to $1.93 million

ERIN – The winning bid for Centre 2000 renovations has come in over the original budget of $2.64 million for the work.

Council has agreed to sign a $2.96 million contract (pre-tax) with B.E. Construction Ltd. following the 2020 approval of federal-provincial infrastructure funding for the renovation work.

B.E. Construction was selected from a list of six bid submissions, ranging from $2.96 to $4 million. 

Even with the lowest bid, B.E. Construction came in around $320,000 over the original budget of $2.64 million.

The Canada Infrastructure Program will cover up to $1.93 million of the total project cost, leaving the town to work out the rest — over $1 million.

“With approximately $800,000 being spent on

projects we are left with a shortfall of about $1.1 million to complete this work,” infrastructure director Nick Colucci wrote in a report to council.

Colucci presented council with a recommendation on March 9 to fund the gap with reserves:

  • $500,000 from the Centre 2000 capital reserve;
  • $300,000 from the emergency response centre reserve; and
  • $300,000 from the infrastructure renewal reserve.

Renovations involve “a number of upgrades,” Colucci told council, including heating/ventilation/cooling and alarm systems, replacement of virtually the entire electrical system, a new emergency generator, cosmetic and roofing repairs, and upgrading of mechanical systems.

Councillor Jamie Cheyne asked if other projects are being put in jeopardy by removing substantial amounts from reserves.

Colucci said the withdrawals weren’t planned, but the Centre 2000 reserve is meant for the facility, and others will be replenished over time.

“We hadn’t planned on spending it, but if we want to get this project completed we need to find it somewhere,” Colucci said.

Council also approved $1.1 million to be withdrawn to round out funding for the renovations.