Eramosa Public School ranked top school in Wellington County on Fraser Institute report card

WELLINGTON CTY. – Eramosa Public School is the only Wellington County school to rank in the top 1,000 in the province in the annual education performance report card released by the Fraser Institute. 

The school, located on the 5th Line of Guelph-Eramosa, was ranked 144th for the 2017-18 school year in the recently-released report. The next closest was Drayton Heights Public School at 1,024th. 

Fifteen schools in Wellington County dropped in the rankings, while 11 maintained or improved their ranking. Only one school did not have the required data. 

The current report card rates 3,046 public and Catholic schools (and a small number of independent schools) out of 10 based on nine academic indicators from Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) test results.

“[It] is a valuable tool for parents and educators because it allows them to easily identify successful schools across the province – serving similar students and communities – that can serve as an example to follow,” said Peter Cowley of the Fraser Institute’s School Performance Studies. 

“All too often, principals and teachers try to excuse a school’s poor overall performance by blaming the characteristics of its students or the communities they serve, but the report card shows that any school, no matter where it’s located or what challenges its students face, can succeed.”

Scores for county elementary schools are as follows:

Centre Wellington

– Elora Public School ranked 1,322nd based on a 2017-18 score of 6.4 (down from 7 in 2016-17).

– JD Hogarth Public School in Fergus, 1,844th with a score of 7.5 (up from 3.5).

– John Black Public School in Fergus, 1,549th with a score of 6.1 (up from 6).

– Ponsonby Public School, 1,470th, based on a score of 6.2 (up from 3.9). 

– Salem Public School, 2,157th based on a score of 5.2 (down from 7.1).

– Saint Joseph Catholic Elementary School in Fergus, 1,322nd with a score of 6.4 (up from 5.5). 

– St. Mary Catholic School in Elora, 1,322nd with a score of 6.4 (down from 8.1).

– Victoria Terrace Public School in Fergus, 2,491st with a score of 4.5 (down from 6).


– Brisbane Public School, 1,096th with a score of 6.7 (down from 7.3).

– Erin Public School, 2,848th with a score of 3.2 (down from 5.7).

– Ross R. MacKay Public School in Hillsburgh, 1,844th based on a score of 5.7 (down from 5.8).

– Saint John Brebeuf Catholic School, 2,594th based on a score of 4.2 (down from 4.7).

Grand Valley

Grand Valley and District Public School, 1,921st based on a score of 5.6 (up from 5.1).


– Eramosa Public School, 144th with a score of 8.5 (unchanged).

– Rockwood Centennial Public School, 1,686th with a score of 5.9 (up from 4.6).

– Sacred Heart Catholic School in Rockwood, 2,315th with a score of 4.9 (down from 6.6).


– Alma Public School, 1,322nd based on a score of 6.4 (up from 4.1);

– Centre Peel Public School, 3,011th on a score of 0.7 (down from 2.3);

– Drayton Heights Public School, 1,024th with a score of 6.8 (down from 7.3);

– Maryborough Public School ranked 1,096th with a score of 6.7 (down from 7.8).


Minto-Clifford Public School, 2,210th based on 5.1 (down from 6.4).

Palmerston Public School ranked 2,529th with a score of 4.4 (up from 4.1).


Aberfoyle Public School, 1,470th with a score of 6.2 (down from 8.3).

Wellington North

Arthur Public School, 2,263rd on a score of 5 (down from 5.5).

– Saint John Catholic School in Arthur, 1,549th with a score of 6.1 (no data for 2016-17 ).

– Saint Mary Catholic School in Mount Forest, 2,157th with a score of 5.2 (up from 4.6).

– Victoria Cross Public School in Mount Forest, 1,470th with a 6.2 (up from 5.7).

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