CWDHS students compete at national cyber security competition

Cyber security –  Centre Wellington District High School has 23 students, the highest number to date, competing in the Cyberpatriot rounds leading to the CyberTitan Canadian Cybersecurity Student National Finals. The first round kicked off on Oct. 25 and the Kingsguard senior team, above, placed 14th in Canada. The members of the Kingsguard team include, from left: Kyle Welsh, Quentin Wolkensperg, Rachel Routly, Arvid Kuitert, Edward Noel and Nick Robichaud. The other teams include Terabytches2.0 (58th), Altron junior team (45th) and Ladz junior team (54th). However, the Cisco Networking scores are not yet available, so the scores could change. The cyber security competition continues on Nov. 15 and Dec. 6.



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  1. Cisco scores came in at the end of the week. A strong result from the girls moved the Terabytches up into the top 50 nationwide and puts them on track for another run at their national title as top female team in Canada. Our senior team’s Cisco networking expert (one of the girls from last year’s national finalists) got the second highest score in Canada and allowed the seniors to overtake four teams and get into the top 10 nationally. They overtook WL Mackenzie CI in Toronto in the process and landed in the top spot in the eastern division! That’s our first 1st.

    Our two junior teams, in spite of being 2-3 years younger than most of the teams in the contest, both placed in the top half of scoring, beating many teams of much older and more experienced competitors. Kohan, our grade 9 working on Windows 10, actually got a perfect score in round one which is astonishing!

    We’re all looking forward to round two in a couple of weeks.