CVC offers water safety tips

MISSISSAUGA –  Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is reminding residents of the dangers that exist near rivers, streams, ponds and lakes this time of year and urging people to keep family and pets away from the edges of all waterways. 

Melting snow combined with spring rainfall and frozen ground that is less able to absorb water can lead to higher and faster flowing water and unstable ice conditions.

Spring is here and with warmer temperatures, people look forward to getting outdoors. Be safe this spring and remember the following tips:

– keep family and pets away from the edges of all bodies of water;

– avoid all recreational activities in or around water, especially near ice-covered watercourses and waterbodies;

– do not attempt to walk on ice-covered waterbodies or drive through flooded roads or fast-moving water;

– if you live close to the water, move objects such as chairs or benches away from the water’s edge to avoid losing them during potential spring high water; and

– avoid walking close to/across riverbanks and ice-covered water to prevent falling through. River banks can become unstable due to snowmelt and erosion.